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Olivetree Boutique Tolo Gr

funkyhous co Gr

Tosteki Taverna Gr

The Fuss Band Uk 

Bellos Studios GR

Abilities & Attributes

Honesty, integrity, transparency, collaboration, professionalism, all-inclusive and measurable value are my core values 

What drives me isn't selling our clients a solution, it's helping them to create something that is going to fundamentally improve their business.

Dynamic Thinker

I'm confident, competent and enthusiastic in pursuing your  business objectives with the challenges and responsibility it presents


Problem Solver

 Problem-solving is an attribute I posses to identify them, figure out why they are broken then determine a course of action to fix them.


Logical Vision

I've the ability to think in a disciplined manner and base thoughts on facts and evidence in order to come up with workable realistic solutions.


Work Ethic

I exercise a strong work ethic based on a set of values that focus on staying motivated, completing set tasks, communicating and client cooperation



I've the strength, motivation, drive and determination to achieve my clients set business goals to ensure a project realises its full potential.


Listener & Learner

I research for and use new knowledge to find and apply improved applications to enhance performance and improve work flows.   



Wix Freelance Web Designer Owner

2007 - 2013

POS Consultant & Play Area Designer


1996 - 2007

Play Equipment Distributor Owner

1986 - 1996

Managing Director Employed 

Nex Design Agency

Wix freelance web designer created a growth-driven web design application process to Attract - Engage - Delight with more customers for the Bellos Studios, Tolo. This application success achieved increased sales volume up 20% year 1 with 50% increase in website hits into their sales enquiry arena. Monitoring ans SEO improvements are currently ongoing for 2022


Play Space Designer, developed a working model for housing developers to reduce the cost of design/adoption of play space provision to local authorities achieving more than 40% savings that included correct NPFA maintenance calculations aligned with L/A adoption procedures.


Start-up business importing play equipment from USA, achieved more than 1M turnover from start-up in less than 5 years. It was achieved with developing a marketing strategy that differentiated our sales process from the competition.


Manufacturing children's play equipment, machine tools, tube expanders employing 350. Revived the company from mounting annual losses on 5 M turnover to average 120 K monthly gross profit. Delivered on introducing new product lines and existing product upgrades. Increased exports and annual sales to 10 M within 8 years while maintaining turnover/profit ratios


Experience and quantified facts about my business achievements 

Throughout my life I've been fortunate to fulfil my ambitions that were to enter the world of senior management and own a business. 

Additional Skill Sets

I have a good working knowledge and understanding in these key function application areas   

Web design has many facets these are just some of the applications that assist me in my design work offering benefits and value to my clients. 


Microsoft Office 365


Velo by Wix Code


Business Challenges


Graphic Design


Growth Driven Design


Software Development


Inbound Marketing


Editor X Platform


Marketing & Media


Business Planning


Professional summary to date   

A potted history of my qualifications, work-life experiences and achievements for your consideration. 


Precision engineer, sales executive, sales manager, marketing director, managing director, business owner, P.O.S. Consultant, Wix Freelance web-designer-developer.

  • Old Jobs Comprehensive School for Learning.

  • High Wycombe Technical College.

  • University of Life


  • 5-year precision engineering apprenticeship.

  • ONC engineering, Wycombe technical college.

  • Finance for the non-financial manager, Dunchurch College by GKN.

  • Exporting overseas Blackwood Hodge Centre by Tom Canon/Mike Willis 

  • Numerous marketing/sales courses.

  • Wix Accredited Pro Web Designer

  • Hubspot Academy Inbound Marketing (on-going learning)

  • Wix Partner (on-going learning)

  • Wix Editor X (on-going training)

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Olivetree Tolo GR

Online store

Wix Classic editor - Business Strategy - Social Media Marketing - e-commerce - UX/UI web design - graphics - Bespoke Design Booking app

Online store

Wix Classic editor. Business Strategy - Social Media Marketing - e-commerce. UX/UI design. Web Design - Graphics - Design Booking app

funkyhous Co GR
The Fuss Band UK


Classic editor - Events Booking. UX/UI design.

Web Design - Graphics - Logo Design

International Violinist

Wix Classic to Editor X migration + Events Booking - EPK - Website Makeover 

Christian Svarfvar


Editor X - Direct Online Booking System - Events Booking. Pro Gallery - UX/UI Design - Web Design - Graphics. I have created our editor x hospitality collection

Futura Resort
Bellos Studios GR

Holiday Rental Outlet

Wix Classic editor - Business Strategy - Social Media Marketing - UX/UI web design - graphics - Bespoke Design - Direct Online Booking app


A target ambition of mine was to enter the world of senior management with dedication and commitment to achieve this goal it became a reality, first in area sales management, sales manager, managing director and owning and running my own businesses. During my career many challenges presented themselves, how to penetrate home and overseas markets, how to run a business profitably and how to be stress free.  


As managing director Wicksteed Leisure my role also included developing overseas markets and building on the existing network of agents and distributors, It was fortunate to meet Tom Canon & Mike Willis experienced marketeers with Reckit & Coleman who developed the course exporting overseas. It was a live exercise and taught invaluable marketing strategies & techniques on how to define and penetrate overseas markets. 


During my work life I faced many personal & business challenges the engineering training I received taught me how to identify problems and provide workable solutions this attribute carried forward throughout my career. As my old boss Ken Clarke used to say "the hard part is identifying the problem once identified you will find the solution". Details of my many business achievements are qualified under the experience section.


Small businesses have been hit hard by the pandemic and will never be the same again. They are having to learn to strike that balance between maintaning quality and cost cutting. Outsourcing is an  attractive tool for cutting expenses while fulfilling growth potentional. Outsourcing is an ideal tap in resource for small business, nexdesign agency can support, specialist functions, repetitive non-core business processes and be completed remotely.

Mike's Journal

Reflections of a web designer, business enthusiast and the impact of technowlogical advancements on the small business sector  

Digital marketing is the current buzz word but it isn’t a single practice, instead it's the sum of several elements such as, Search engine optimization (SEO - Content marketing - Social media marketing - Pay per click (PPC) - Native advertising - Email marketing - Marketing automation - Online PR - Mobile marketing, these are just some of the areas that interest me in my design work when offering benefits and value to my clients. 

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I am skilled in running and owning businesses for over 40 years with well documented qauntified success, details are set out below. Currently living in Greece where I have been working as a Wix freelance web designer for 7years.

I work from the business owners perspective and what they expect their business website to achieve. I believe in user experience to visual details, transforming these into effective SEO planning for greater impact on the web. I am a minimalist designer and I really like simple and elegant style. I worked with a range of clients in various industries focusing on digital marketing techniques web apps and platforms in partnership with Wix and thier exciting new Editor X design platform.

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